LaCie debuts tiny MosKeyto flash drive

For a long time the wireless dongles that we needed for things like wireless keyboards and desktops were long and fat adapters that often blocked the surrounding USB ports. Thankfully manufacturers have started making those dongles so small you can plug them in and just leave them there. Flash drives today are mostly like those old wireless dongles.

They are long and fat and when used on a notebook or netbook with USB ports close together you may lose one of the scarce ports. LaCie has unveiled a new flash drive that is a lot like those nano wireless adapters. The new flash drive is called the MosKeyto.

The little thing comes in 4GB and 8GB capacities. The scant size of the flash drive at 21 x 16 x 10mm and 10g of weight means you can plug it in and just leave it in the USB port if you want. The 4GB version sells for $17.99 and the 8GB version will cost you $27.99 with both available right now.