LaCie brings USB-C to Porsche drive with MacBook in mind

If you're planning to snap up one of those sleek new MacBooks, you've got accessories on the shopping list too, we hope. The good news is, you might not even have to leave the Apple Store for everything you need. With the new MacBook, Apple also unveiled a series of dongles for owners to attach things to. We'd also humbly suggest you take a look at an external hard drive; the memory on offer is slight. And if you do, Seagate just updated LaCie's Porsche Design Mobile Drive to work with USB-C.

LaCie's drive sits handsomely on Apple's shelves, almost taunting you with it's beauty. Already the best looking drive Apple has in their stores, LaCie's Porsche Drive is also adequately sizable; you can have it in 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB capacities.

The addition of USB-C support for the drive is phenomenally responsive by LaCie and Seagate. Just a day after the MacBook was announced, they're ready to go. The new drives will have a USB-C port rather than a USB input, but LaCie is also including an adapter cable for those who want to use it with legacy hardware.

This will also serve as a welcome sign to those who weren't so thrilled with the MacBook's 256/512GB memory options. Though probably enough for the average user, those who want more can do so without having to buy an expensive dongle to get their external drive to work, now.

Don't worry, though — you can still use LaCie's Porsche Design Mobile Drive with your existing devices. USB-C support doesn't replace the USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 support, so when you're ready to upgrade to a new MacBook, so is your hard drive.

Source: LaCie