Kyocera's latest rugged phone is its first with 5G

Kyocera is back today with a new rugged phone, and while that's not much of a surprise given that the company's MO throughout the last decade or so has been to corner the market for rugged smartphones, this one is a bit different because it's 5G-ready. Today Kyocera introduced the DuraForce Ultra 5G, which is not only Kyocera's first phone to support 5G, but apparently, it's the first rugged phone compatible with Verizon's 5G network.

Yes, like a number Kyocera phones released in recent memory, it seems that this one will be a Verizon exclusive as well. Aside from the 5G capabilities, the DuraForce Ultra 5G seems to be a middle-of-the-road phone like many of these rugged devices tend to be. The phone sports a Snapdragon 765G, which is a solid enough CPU that uses the Snapdragon X52 modem for 5G connectivity.

The display clocks in at 5.45 inches – quite a bit smaller than many flagships we see these days – and resolution apparently tops out at FHD+, but of course, the difference maker for Kyocera's displays has nothing to do with size or resolution, but rather the fact that it's covered in sapphire glass that resists scratching. Kyocera says that this is its "toughest, most durable smartphone to date" with MIL-STD-810H certification, an IPX5/IPX8 water immersion rating, and an IP6X dustproof rating.

Kyocera says that this is its first phone to feature a lithium polymer battery (4,500mAh) that should be more resistant to drop damage. The DuraForce Ultra 5G is ARCore certified and features a rear-facing dual camera arrangement that includes a 24MP main camera and a 16MP wide angle camera that clocks in at a 117-degree field-of-view. With the phone's waterproofing, the DuraForce Ultra 5G can even be used to take pictures underwater, which is a nice touch.

So, like most Kyocera devices, it sounds like this will be a niche phone for people who would be at frequent risk of destroying more delicate devices. The phone is apparently launching today at Verizon for a retail price of $899.99, so if you're in need of a durable phone, it might be worth checking out.