Kyocera to show off world's smallest LTE micro base station at MWC 2010

The next big thing in faster mobile data speeds for many carriers here in America will be LTE. Several of the largest carriers in the country are expecting to roll out limited LTE networks at the end of this year with more coverage areas coming in 2011. Kyocera is showing off what it claims to be the world's smallest, lightest, and most efficient LTE Base station at MWC 2010.

Kyocera's base station weighs less than 26.5 pounds and has a volume of 12 liters with 8 watts of transmit power, those figures are a fraction of typical base stations according to Kyocera. The device is designed to fill gaps in coverage areas and overloaded hot spots with the ability to cooperate with existing macro base stations in a scalable heterogeneous network.

Also being demonstrated at MWC by Kyocera will be its larger 39.7-pound macro base station with a volume of 20 liters and consuming no more than 211 watts of power. Kyocera claims that the specifications for its macro base station are significantly less than other similar devices on the market.