Kyocera saddle messaging handset with sub-par screen

Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm not a critical person.  In fact I'll put up with most things if you give me a chocolate biscuit.  However, I'm beginning to think someone at Kyocera is taking the proverbial, if the internal screen of this new M1000 messaging handset is anything to go by.  First off, no chocolate biscuit so no-holds-barred I'm afraid; what the mascara-arse were they thinking, putting that tiny little scrap of a display in there?!

Gizmodo are vaguely generous and say that while normal folk won't give a monkey's butt-cheeks there'll nonetheless be texting and IM freaks getting a kick out of the M1000's full QWERTY keyboard and EV-DO for speedy exchanges.  I'm less generous (in this biscuit-deprived mood): just how ergonomic is it to be trying to tap at a keyboard with your fingers underneath your nose, since you have to hold the damn thing so close so as to see the screen?

Look at the M1000 in comparison to the recently-announced Helio Ocean.  They're light-years apart.  I'm sure someone will buy the Kyocera; I just hope I'm not around to be involved in the spree of violence and hate when they realise they've locked themselves into a 12+ month contract for this dreary slab of wretchedness.

Mobileburn [via Gizmodo]