Kuratas mech brings us one million dollar step closer to Gundam

You remember Suidobashi Heavy Industries, don't you? The company previously created a 12.5ft tall mech prototype, that was partially controlled using Microsoft's Kinect sensor. It wasn't quite ready back in April, but the company showed off a completed version of the Kuratas recently in Japan. On top of that, Suidobashi has created a video detailing how to use the Kuratas, which you'll be able to purchase down the line for a cool $1.3 million.

Part informative and part tongue-in-cheek, the video takes you around the mech, detailing the various functions as well as how to operate it. The mech features a motor-controlled cockpit, opened from the outside and inside with small buttons. Once the pilot is safely inside, the robot is controlled using a combination of physical and motion controls, plus a touchscreen. It can also be operated remotely using a master slave device.

The Kuratas will have a top speed of around 6 mph when mobile movement is fully functional, and the pilot can adjust the height of the robot to achieve the best vantage point. It runs on a diesel engine too, so keeping it on the road shouldn't be too much of a problem. Bear in mind though that the video does make liberal use of CGI as the Kuratas takes to the streets.

The Kuratas features several weapons as well. The first is the LOHAS launcher, which shoots water-filled bottles at enemies with high speed. Suidobashi notes that it's designed to be an "eco-friendly" solution, to be used more for demonstration rather than actual combat. The twin gatling guns, meanwhile, can shoot out 6000 BBs per minute, activated when the pilot smiles, with facial tracking helping the Kuratas to stay locked on the target.

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