12.5ft tall mecha partially controlled by Kinect

Everyone is trying to find all sorts of creative uses for Kinect: 3D mapping, motion controls... but what about as a glorified remote control? Suidobashi Heavy Industry is building a 12.5 foot tall robot weighing 4.9 tons that partially relies on Microsoft's Kinect system. The robot itself utlizes the V-SIDO system for controls, but the Kinect is used in the cockpit, detecting the pilot's head movements and turning the body accordingly.

When it is finished, the group plan to sell the mech, which can be customized with weaponized water guns, a camo paint job, and other such luxuries depending on the buyer's needs. It's an impressive piece of kit, even if we're not entirely sure what the practical purpose for it is. The two videos below show some of the behind the scenes work on the mech, so check them out.

[via Plastic Pals]