Kunin Ninja in Training iOS game review: I can’t stop playing

Chris Burns - Sep 2, 2014
Kunin Ninja in Training iOS game review: I can’t stop playing

The game “Kunin – Ninja in Training” won’t be released until the 10th of September, 2014. But in these days before the final market drop, we’re playing the review release until we drop. It’s just that good.

Much in the way we’ve been unable to stop playing Flappy Bird or any number of similar “tap to fly” games, Kunin brings major simplicity to the table. With a tiny ninja at your fingertips, you’ll leap from a stick of bamboo upward to fend off weapons flying at your head.


Two buttons are included in this game – the left of your display, and the right of your display. Whichever side you tap or tap and hold, that’s the direction your ninja will be facing.


When a weapon hits your back, you take damage. When a weapon hits your front, you fend it off and gain points. It’s that simple.


There are power-ups and extra flight and bonuses and all that as well, but the basic mechanics are what matter most. You’ll be tapping for ages.

This game looks and plays great and is available entirely free – with a big ol’ ad at the top of the screen, but nothing that blocks gameplay in any way.


This game will be launching on September 10th for both iOS and Android at approximately the same time. We’ve tested the game on iPad and iPhone and it looks and plays great. A must tap, without a doubt.

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