Kung Fury trailer takes retro-futuristic camp to a new level

If you've always wondered what it'd be like to see the special effects environment of Machete and the acting skills of those involved in Lethal Weapon 6* combined, it's your lucky day. A group of creators by the name Laser Unicorns are creating a masterpiece of pop-culture mashup mixed with high-end at-home special effects together to make what's called Kung Fury. This is a film that must be seen to be believed.

What you're about to experience is a trailer for a film that'll be directed by David Sandberg, a fellow you'll likely have never heard of before. He's working with production company Lampray, a do-it-all film company that until now has worked on relatively small projects. Together they've begun work with Sweden-based Salmon Fox and have made an epic bit of footage with so much Green Screen it'd make George Lucas wish for more realistic set-pieces.

It's going to be difficult for George Lucas to handle all the Green Screen elements in this film. George Lucas will have to be contacted to make certain he views it, of course.

Nearly the entire film has been shot at the point at which this film hits KickStarter. Here the team aims to grab cash for distribution and everything else involved in releasing a motion picture such as this to the world. At this point you'll be trading cash to see your name in the credits and/or to get a piece of the film in your hands – like Thor's helmet, for example.

There's a soundtrack too. And above when Lethal Weapon 6 is mentioned, it's this one: *Lethal Weapon 6 as it appears in the 2013 episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

At this point the creators of this film are also aiming to roll out the full 30 minute movie for free to the web. If they surpass their KickStarter goal by a 5x, they'll be pushing for their "Academny Award Nominated Producer Mathias Fjelsstrom" to speak with a potential distributor. At that point the script will be re-written and a full movie narrative will be initiated – a full-sized beast of a film will henceforth be made.