Krispy Kreme UK Xbox doughnuts are "Nexus Level" advertising

If there were still any doubts about video gaming becoming mainstream, the fact that major brands are coming up with all sorts of antics to appeal to that crowd. No one can probably top KFC's gaming PC, but there are some that come a close second. Krispy Kreme's idea to celebrate the Xbox's 20th anniversary may seem tame in comparison, but it will at least give gamers a tasty treat while also offering the chance to get a new fridge, er, Xbox console in the process.

Of course, it's not uncommon for brands to cozy up to gamers, and Xbox itself has done its fair share of partnering with food brands to advertise its newest console. In fact, one could say that Microsoft has been advertising the Xbox Series X|S like no other, which isn't that hard to do when you have a console with a rather unconventional design.

Krispy Kreme UK's idea, however, is a bit more practical and useful, even if arguably unhealthy. It's introducing what it calls a "Nexus Level" doughnut, which is pretty much just a sugary treat bearing the iconic Xbox logo. Of course, it wouldn't be good advertising without a short clip that pokes fun at the usual tech product launch tropes.

The campaign, however, isn't just for the doughnuts (or donuts) themselves. While you can buy a single piece of these "ergonomically shaped" treats, a box of a dozen earns you a chance to win an Xbox Series S and a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to go along with it. Whether eating those twelve doughnuts will be a single-player or multiplayer campaign is left up to the player.

Unfortunately for Xbox fans around the world, the promo is only available in the UK and Ireland. It also runs from August 2 to 22 only, so better get your stomach and taste buds ready if you're anywhere in those areas.