KORG announces updated MicroStation with smaller size and price tag

Earlier today, KORG announced a new music app for the iPad, but they're not done yet, because they also just announced a new and updated MicroStation keyboard. The MicroStation plugs directly into your computer or tablet so that you can record your music and have it save straight to your computer/tablet with no other devices in the middle.

The MicroStation is a versatile keyboard that is both great for beginners as well as experts who want an easy interface to work with. The keyboard can act as a songwriting tool thanks to its quick and intuitive onboard sequencer for recording your music, and it also works great as a live keyboard, or for those wanting to easily lay down some drum tracks on top of their music.

The new MicroStation has 61 "Natural Touch" keys, which we're guessing is just another term for weighted keys. The device also comes numerous effects, dual arpeggiators, and a 16-track MIDI recorder. It also features Loop Recording and Visual Grid Sequencing for those music experts who want a little more oomph out of their music gear.

If you happen to not have the MicroStation plugged into a computer for saving music tracks, the keyboard has built-in SD card slot, allowing users to save their song data and other information directly onto an SD card for future listening on a computer. The new KORG MicroStation is available now for $399.