Koolatron Coin-Op Mini Fridge – Keep the moochers at bay

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 4, 2007

I have some friends that love to come over and head straight for my fridge. It seems like they’ve no more gotten their feet in the door then I hear them ask if I’ve got anything to drink (while opening a can of my Mountain Dew at the same time). Perhaps I need something like this mini fridge to keep the moochers at bay.

The Koolatron Coin-Op Mini Fridge does exactly what you think it does. You can keep up to 10 cans of your favorite carbonated beverage(s). Your friends will have to feed it some quarters before a cool refreshment can be obtained. It comes with a few special tokens that will allow you to get your own drinks without having to pony up.

The Koolatron Coin-Op Mini Fridge is available in blue and silver for $149.99.

koolatron coin-op fridge keeps can moochers out [via technabob]

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