Konica Minolta develops 4K resolution Planetarium System

We've seen a few 4k projectors for home entertainment and digital Signage applications. The technology doesn't stop there. Konica Minolta looks to ride on JVC's success in 4K projection system; incorporates the technology and an In-house high performance fish-eye lens to develop a 3rd dimensional digital simulation of the planetarium astronomy in ultra high definition (4096 × 2400 pixels) display, about four times the Full HD native resolution.

As you know, the starry sky seen from ground and other planets in our solar system are jet-black imageries. The adoption of JVC's 4K projector technology and ultra bright 825W xenon lamp allows viewers to explore the universe and beyond not only in ultra high definition, but also in its most realistic presentation- high contrasty solar system displays at 10:000:1 native contrast ratio.

The unit also features a newly developed graphic UI and easily navigated companions like mouse, keyboard, external monitor and joystick. If needed, it can be tailored to include an integrate amp or sound system for much robust entertainment. However, home entertainment is probably out of the question; while not serving as planetarium projection display, the 400lb Konica can be used as multimedia presentation or entertainment such as movies and still images.

[via Konica-Minolta]