Konami's Silent Hill On PlayStation Vita Delayed

Konami has delayed the released of its flagship entry in the Silent Hill franchise for Sony's new portable gaming system, after the company faced a slew of criticism with its recently released Silent Hill HD Collection. It is not confirmed that the two events are correlated, but it certainly seems like it's more than a coincidence. Konami surely cannot take the chance of having two critically maligned Silent Hill games in a row.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories had an original launch date of February, but was delayed until March 27. That would be tomorrow, and there is no Book of Memories in sight. So after facing questions from concerned fans and media outlets, Konami confirmed that that game had in fact been pushed back yet again. This time, the company is not offering a new release date. Some online retailers are listing a new date of May 31 but that seems like a placeholder date more than anything else.

The news comes after an onslaught of criticism about the recent PS3 title that revived classic Silent Hill games in an HD presentation. Or at least it was supposed to. Gamers noted problems not only with the not-so-improved graphics but also with gameplay bugs and glitches as well. Even the original design head for Silent Hill weighed in to say he was highly disappointed in the compilation remake. The artist, Masahiro Ito, asked incredulously on Twitter, "It's really a released version? Really?" Konami did not directly respond to the complaints.

[via Joystiq]