Kokoon headphones use EEG sensors to track your sleep

Kokoon are headphones featuring EEG sensors and smartphone technology; they're aimed at helping users fall asleep and stay asleep, doing so by using EEG sensors and a related smartphone app to monitor sleep. These are so called "dry EEG sensors", able to work from the headphones without any setup involved. This offers sleep tracking, with the data being available on the app, as well as automatic audio adjustment so that once the user is asleep they don't get disturbed again.

The headphones are designed to be comfortable enough to sleep in and to wear for long periods of time. They feature the so-called FlexMould Comfort system, which molds to one's "natural contours". The electronics are mostly located in the headband itself to further accommodate the comfort-centric design.

The EEG data is piped to the mobile app, which tracks it to show details about one's sleeping habits that might not otherwise be clear. The data is also used to determine what "audio techniques" aid the user in dozing off, making for an easier sleep session next time. The app, meanwhile, includes an alarm that wakes the user up at their ideal time.

The creators behind Kokoon are seeking $100,000 USD in funding on Kickstarter, where they have thus far raised about $38,850 USD with 59 days remaining. A pledge of $139 USD will get backers an Early Bird unit, which is set to ship in February 2016 if all goes as planned. The retail price is slated for $219 USD.

SOURCE: Kickstarter