Koenigsegg and Polestar are cooking up something mysterious

When it comes to hypercars, Koenigsegg makes some of the craziest rides out there, such as the Gemera four-seater. Polestar, on the other hand, makes some interesting electrified performance vehicles. Both of the automakers call Sweden home.

On the surface, it may seem as if the two automakers have nothing more in common than hailing from the same country. An Instagram tease by Koenigsegg shows both the Polestar Precept concept and the Koenigsegg Gemera in the same image, hinting that some sort of tie-up is in the works. Other than showing the two cars, all Koenigsegg says is "something exciting coming soon. Stay tuned."

Koenigsegg's post includes the front of the two cars while Polestar ran a similar post that shows the rear of the two cars. Polestar captioned its post, "Something interesting is happening on the west coast of Sweden. Stay tuned." The two vehicles do have electrification in common, with the Gemera being a plug-in hybrid with three electric motors and a twin-turbo three-cylinder engine making a massive 1700 combined horsepower.

The Polestar Precept Concept is electrified and is a performance car. As for what the two automakers are working on, that's a complete mystery. Nothing is floating around in the rumor world suggesting what might be going on.

The assumption is that the two companies are working on an electrified performance vehicle of some sort. Whether that will be a performance car or a performance SUV to satisfy the SUV crazy masses, we don't know. We do hope Koenigsegg does the styling because it makes some of the best-looking vehicles the world.