Kodak Printomatic is another instant camera that uses ZINK

Love them or hate them, instant cameras are back and now Kodak has gotten into the mix. These cameras are, like Polaroid models from days gone by, models that print instant photos. These images aren't very big and they aren't the best quality, but they're a fun way to make stickers, fill out a scrapbook, or entertain the kids.

Called the Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera, this model isn't dissimilar from competing models on the market, though it does have a larger full-camera size. As with competing products, Kodak has elected to use ZINK printing technology rather than actual instant film. This is a deal-breaker for some; for all of ZINK's upsides, the quality leaves some wanting more.

ZINK aside, the Printomatic combines instant printing with digital functionality; it is capable of capturing 10-megapixel images. There's a microSD card slot, two integrated picture modes, a battery indicator, flash, and overall simplified designed. The integrated battery is rechargeable.

Images measure 2 x 3-inches, which is decent enough — the camera includes a 10-pack of this Photo Paper, though refill Photo Paper packs can be had in quantities as high as 50 (for $20 USD). The camera itself is relatively budget-tier with a $70 price tag, and it is offered in both yellow and grey colors.