Kodak Causes Price Stir

The market for digicams is flooded with cameras with all the features one can imagine. The low-end camera segment has been well controlled by Kodak. This is evident from the latest batch of cameras to be rolled out. Priced under $300 all these cameras will have the minimum specifications for sumptuous photography. First in the list is the EasyShare C533, a 5 megapixel camera with a tiny 1.8-inch LCD and 3x optical zoom whcich is priced at $199. The next on is at $249. The EasyShare C643 has 6 megapixel imager and 2.4-inch LCD with a 3x zoom. The undelete function of both of these comes handy for those who by mistake might delete a good shot. There are the V603 (pictured) also 6 megapixels, with a 2.5-inch LCD and VGA movie mode and Z612 both priced at $299. way to go for Kodak.