Kobo launches its own ebook subscription service

Kobo isn't new to the ereader and ebook market, but it is new to the world of subscription ebook services. The company has launched its own ebook subscription option, giving voracious readers the option to pay a single monthly fee in exchange for access to tens of thousands of digital books. Such a service aims, no doubt, to compete with Amazon Unlimited, a similar subscription service, and other competitors.

The subscription service appears to be called Kobo Plus, and it has cropped up for readers located in the Netherlands and Belgium. Those in the region are able to sign up for a 30-day trial and, if they like the subscription, keep it for 10 Euros/month (about eleven US dollars). That's about on par with Kindle Unlimited, which is about $10/month.

The books are accessible through both the reading apps Kobo offers and its ereader devices, and it offers both international and Dutch books. The service was created in partnership with a regional online retailer called Bol, which first partnered with the company back in 2014.

The move may have many benefits, including curbing instances of book piracy by making digital copies easily accessible. The move signifies a new business focus for Kobo, but the company is quiet about whether this is the start of a larger expansion, or if the service will remain limited to only these two small regions.