Knut can monitor just about anything

One of the things I like so much about Kickstarter is that you never know what kind of project will turn up. One of the most recent projects that caught my eye is the device called the Knut. This is a small battery-powered Wi-Fi enabled device that you can use for monitoring just about anything you can think of. It can be used to monitor environmental conditions in your home such as the temperature of various things and humidity.

It can also be used to monitor when something is open or closed such as a gun cabinet or liquor cabinet. The Knut is also able to monitor vibration and can be placed inside a box with something sensitive or fragile you might be shipping to monitor if the package is being treated appropriately. You can even use it to remind you to water plants.

The device is controlled by an app that would run on the smart phone or computer and receive the data the Wi-Fi enabled sensor spits out. The device will also e-mail the information to a specific e-mail address so you can check it without bothering with your phone. The user can control how frequently Knut checks sensors, with some sensors such as accelerometers and switches checked anytime they change. This project is seeking $25,000 and has so far racked up $39,834 with seven days to go before funding. It will cost you $80 or more to get one Knut sensor during the Kickstarter project. Delivery is estimated for September.