Knowles Acoustics unveils new low-power digital MEMS joystick for handhelds

One of the things that most mobile phones that are used for gaming and a lot of the portable game consoles lack is a joystick. I for one would like to see joysticks get integrated into consumer devices to replace tilt sensors and virtual d-pads.

A company called Knowles Acoustics has unveiled a new low-power digital MEMS joystick that is specifically for handheld consumer devices. The joysticks are small and should fit on many different devices. The controller measures 9.8 x 9.8 x 1.6mm and needs no additional controller IC.

The lack of need for controller IC means that the controller can be integrated into thinner and smaller devices. The maker claims that the joystick has the feel of an analog joystick with the low current consumption needed for extending battery life on portable gadgets.