Kmart decides to stock only standalone HD DVD players, no love for Blu-ray

When I'm contemplating the purchase of a high-end electronic device, Kmart doesn't exactly top the list of places I'm going to look. Honestly, it doesn't even make the list at all, I'm not even sure when I last graced the door of my local Kmart. The sad thing is that I pass it on a regular basis, I just feel no need to stop in.

That being said, I don't think that Kmart will be the tipping point in the HD format wars. However, they have publicly announced their allegiance to the HD DVD camp by shunning standalone Blu-ray players.

The reason for Kmart's decision? They feel that Blu-ray players are too expensive. While I don't see Kmart tipping the scales, I think they've got the right idea. Your average Joe is going to look at a $200 (if you're lucky $100) HD DVD player and a $500 standalone Blu-ray player (average Joe just thinks the PS3 is a game console) and his choice won't be hard. For most people, the differences between the two standards is too small to care, they'll go where it's cheap.

Toshiba says Kmart will go to HD DVD exclusively [via tgdaily]