Klout acquired by Lithium Technologies

Klout has been acquired by Lithium Technologies, the company has announced. Word of the acquisition arose in February, but the financial details were unknown at the time. As it turns out, the price paid was double what was originally rumored, coming in at $200 million.

Klout's popularity mostly depends on to whom you are speaking, with some finding use for the service and others saying there is little point in it. At its core, Klout serves to rank social media users based on their influential, hence its name.

The startup has recently deviated into other business practices, but Lithium Technologies focuses on consumer insight, and given that it is safe to assume Klout's original business model will be its primary offering.

Said Klout investor Nova Spivack, "Some people like to bash Klout, but in fact, it's become an industry standard. Every social listening and analytics platform uses Klout scores to rate and filter information and influencers. So does practically every digital agency I know of."

SOURCE: Daily Dot