KLM tweet on Mexico's World Cup exit ignites anger

From time to time, sports event like World Cup brings the best of us, AND also the worse in many – that include companies. KLM, a national air carrier from Netherlands decided it was funny to tweet "Adios Amigos!" accompanied with a departure sign photo that includes a man in sombrero and a poncho as soon as Netherlands beats Mexico in the tournament.

KLM deleted the tweet right after many responded in anger, but has not offer any apology for the gaffe. AeroMexico, the national airline for Mexico indirectly responded to KLM tweet by thanking its national team accomplishment with an arrival sign photo.

KLM was not the only airline that gets into the World Cup "gloat fest", Delta tweeted an offensive congratulatory message after the US beaten Ghana in the tournament with a picture of giraffes that many thinks was done in poor taste.

via Yahoo Sports