Klipsch Image S4A Headphones for Android up for pre-order

Android users have a new set of headphones that will be shipping soon that are made specifically for Android devices. Many of the headphones out there that sport an in-line remote control only work with iOS devices. These Klipsch headphones are made specifically for the Android platform. They pair with the Klipsch Control App to allow the customization of call functionality.

As you expect with an inline remote the S4A remote can control call answer and end, redial, and the mic can be muted. For music the remote controls pause/play, track forward/rewind, volume, and they are designed to block noise. The ear tips are designed to fill the ear and block noise as well as keep the sound in your ear.

The remote and mic also support voice searching and voice commands. The app required for the mic to work only supports Android 2.1 and later devices. The headphones sell for $99 and come with a carry case and multiple ear tips. You can pre-order now for $99.99 with an unspecified shipping date.

[via Android Community]