KLEXL Smart Projector Lets Kids Draw on Walls Without the Mess

Evan Selleck - Oct 15, 2010
KLEXL Smart Projector Lets Kids Draw on Walls Without the Mess

For kids, there’s a stage they go through that, at any given moment, if they’ve got some kind of drawing utensil, every wall they can find is a great way to express themselves. The end result is usually a frustrated parent, and plenty of cleaning. A new design from Dario Jandrijic aims to fix that with the KLEXL smart projector, which is a concept designed to let kids have their fun, but without any of the mess.

The KLEXL is designed as an interactive painting machine. The machine would feature an auto-focus lens, which shows the images on the wall, which are painted onto the wallpaper thanks to LED-tipped pens. The LEDs are tracked by an infra-red tracking camera in the base unit, which would be positioned a ways back from the wall. The color wheel that’s positioned at the top of the machine allows for the kids to change colors. All they need to do is walk over to the base station and tap the tip of the LED pen against a new color, and the pen will show that color when they start “drawing” on the wall again.

The idea is a sound one, surely. After all, parents won’t have to clean up any more messes adorned to their walls. However, the fact that kids are being allowed to draw on a wall could be potentially bad news. Especially if they do manage to get their hands on a real marker, crayon, or pen. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot, though. Hopefully the idea gets picked up, so we start seeing this smart projector show up in retail stores soon.

[via Wired]

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