Kiwi U-Powered Solar Portable Charger Makes Charging on the Go Easier

There's no doubt that portable solar powered chargers are making a decisive introduction into the portable charging market. And for all intents and purposes, it's a perfect addition to the market. And we're fans of the "fans" that are getting released recently. While ActionTec managed to steal our hearts with a larger version of what we're seeing here, we've got to admit that in this case, smaller is definitely better.

The Kiwi U-Powered Solar and USB Portable Charger is a pretty adaptive device. It's not meant to just charge one thing, like your phone, and then call it good. Nope. It's meant to charge pretty much everything that you could think of to bring with you outdoors, and it does it in such a way that makes other solar powered portable chargers look weak. It features a 2000mAh battery, which means charging your devices should be a cake walk. You can plug it into a USB port, AC outlet, a car accessory outlet, or just leave it out in the sun, and you'll be able to get your charge on.

There's even a magnetic backing on the Kiwi, which means you can place it in your car, or anywhere else that you can stick a magnet to, which should make charging on the go a lot easier, too. The portable charger is small enough to stick in your pocket, and if you do use it for the solar power fun, you can unfold the fan portion of it to display three independent blades, all of which have a solar panel on them, to charge your device faster. While it may not be the only feature, the solar powered goodness is definitely something that's caught our eye. As does the price tag: only $50, and it comes with 11 tips for your charging pleasure.

[via KiwiChoice]