KitVision Edge HD30W Action Camera has 175-degree wide-angle lens and WiFi

There is no shortage of action cameras on the market today designed to record all sorts of things from motorsports to extreme sports like skiing and others. GoPro is the undisputed leader in the action camera market and a lot of companies copy its products to the point that I am surprised there have been no trademark suits.

The latest action camera to hit the market is the KitVision Edge HD30W. The camera looks a lot like the latest GoPro offerings and even the package looks a lot like GoPro. The camera has a 175-degree wide-angle lens and can record at 1080i resolution.

The camera is also waterproof to a depth of 100 meters and has integrated WiFi. The WiFi allows the camera to transfer files to the PC or mobile device. The camera is able to save an optimized file for uploading to social media.

The Edge is also able to shoot still images at 8MP resolution. The 1080i resolution video can be recorded at 60fps. The camera includes a number of mounts and a detachable TFT screen. Pricing for the camera is £269.00.

SOURCE: KitVision