Kitchen space is precious - hang the hob on the wall

Hey kids, cooking is cool and sexy!  Don't be fooled into thinking that the kitchen is just for dweebs – drag the iPod headphones out of your hipster ears, throw on an apron and do some communal food preparation!  That's obviously the message Sayonara Rush Design are going for with their Estia induction burners, a modular system of hotplates that can be hung up with the pots and pans to save worksurface space, then brought down individually or in groups for when you need to heat up your cream of chicken soup.


Induction burners rely on electromagnetic waves that cause the metal of a pan to heat up, only without the plate itself from heating.  That way you can switch them off and immediately pick them up, without burning your fingers or those of any small child that might be grabbing at things it shouldn't be.


As with so many lovely things, the Estia burners are just a concept now.

Sayonara Rush Design [via Core77]