Kisai Rogue Touch LCD Watch Lights Up With A Touch

The nutters at Tokyoflash have another hard to read watch that has launched called the Kisai Rogue Touch. The Rogue Touch watch has a touch sensitive screen that allows you to access the watch functions like the backlight. The watch also allows you to read the time in two zones at a glance making it even more confusing than normal to read.

The watch has a launch price of $179 for another 40 hours and then it goes back to the normal $199 price point. In addition to the dual time zones, the watch also has seconds, date, alarm, and an animation feature. The touch zones around the face allow access to change modes, view time, alarm, date, and light up.

I really like the red one, it reminds me more than the little of the Motorola Droid eye that shows on boot up. The touchscreen has a lock function to prevent you from changing things by accident. The outside large bricks are the hour, inside the dots show the minutes, and the center rings show the time in zone two. You can get the watch in green, blue, red, or natural screen colors. The band is a polished gunmetal color.