Kipon EF to Sony E lens adapters rock integrated ND filter

Kipon is a Chinese from that makes lenses and other accessories for cameras. The company has unveiled a slick product that users of the Sony digital cameras with E-mount body will love. The new accessory is an adapter that allows Sony users to use lenses meant for Canon cameras on their Sony unit.

The adapter is the Kipon EF-S/E AF ND and allows photographers to maintain the autofocus and image stabilization features. EXIF data is also communicated to the when the adapter is used. Other features include the ability to manually focus and trigger MF assistance features like peaking or magnification.

The adapter also has a variable ND filter that can be turned via a wheel that sticks out of the barrell. Thais is marked with values between 1.5 and 7 f-stops. This allows wide apertures to be used with shutter speeds appropriate or shooting video. The adapter has an EF-S mount and it can be used with both EF and EF-S lenses. It covers the full frame image circle used on an a7 series camera.

The adapter is suggested to sell for 45,000 yen or $430. This is a great thing for expanding available lenses for Sony users, it is rather expensive though. There is no indication of when the adapter might launch or what availability will look like.