Kingston Workflow Station is a modular dock for serious content creators

If there's one thing that always seems to hold true, no matter how powerful and portable laptops become, it's that there are never quite enough ports when you need them. Kingston is aiming to fix that with its new Workflow Station, debuting at CES 2021 as a modular way to add not only more ports and memory card slots to your PC or Mac, but the right selection for each content creator's needs.

At its core, the Workflow Station is a hub that links via USB-C to your computer. On the top there are four docking slots, into which Kingston's individual readers slot.

Initially, there'll be three different readers. The USB miniHub has a USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C port, for hooking up things like USB memory keys or external drives. The SD reader has two UHS-II full-sized SD card slots, while the microSD reader is the same only with a pair of microSD slots instead.

It means that, if your content typically relies on DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, for example, you could slot in up to four of the SD readers for a total of eight SD card slots. They can all be accessed simultaneously, at USB 3.2 speeds. Alternatively, if you're using GoPro or other action cameras, or drones for video footage, you might prefer to have microSD readers instead.

Each reader module weighs around 30 grams, and what's useful is that they can be connected individually – without the Workflow Station itself – if you're away from your desk. They come with a USB-C cable for that.

Th Kingston Workflow Station starter kit will come with the dock and the USB miniHub. The SD reader and microSD reader modules will be sold separately. Pricing will be confirmed closer to release.