Kingston unveils new SSDNow V series 40GB Boot Drive upgrade kit

Kingston makes a full line of flash-based storage products from SSDs to flash drives. The company has been offering its line of SSDNow SSD upgrade kits that put everything a computer user needs to upgrade to an SSD in one package. Kingston has announced a new SSDNow V Series 40GB Boot Drive kit that is downright affordable.

The new 40GB boot drive kit can be had for only $84.99 after rebates available at The normal retail price of the SSD kit is only $115, so even without rebates it is still affordable enough for most users. Kingston bundles the 2.5-inch SSD with everything needed to migrate to the new boot drive.

The kit includes brackets to convert the drive to mount in a 3.5-inch drive bay, cloning software, and SATA data and power cable extensions. Kingston expects users to use the new SSD in conjunction with a larger traditional HDD for storing data. Write speed for the SSD is 40MB/s and read speed is 170MB/s. Kingston will launch the upgrade kit on November 9.