Kingston unveils new enterprise focused SSDNow E100 SSD

Kingston is a technology company that offers all sorts of computer hardware from power supplies and computer RAM to storage devices. Kingston's line of SSD storage devices runs the gamut from consumer devices to enterprise storage aimed at corporate use. Kingston has announced a new SSD specifically aimed at enterprise customers called the E100 Enterprise SSD.

Enterprise SSDs tend to focus more on endurance and reliability than outright speed. Kingston promises that its new E100 SSD has 10x improvements in endurance and reliability compared to SSDs aimed at the consumer market. Kingston says that the SSD can also help reduce the physical footprint of enterprise storage because less SSDs are needed to handle the tasks of traditional hard drives.

Kingston says that it conducted a virtualized database performance test comparing its new SSD to the traditional hard drive. The storage company found that replacing an enterprise solution with a server and an external chassis containing 24 hard drives with only six internal SSDs increased total database performance by 91.8%. While the performance was significantly increased, power consumption was 51% less with SSDs than with the hard drives.

Kingston is shipping the new enterprise SSDNow E100 offerings immediately. The storage devices are available in capacities of 100 GB, 200 GB, and 400 GB and have a three-year warranty. Pricing is unannounced at this time.