Kingston debuts 64GB SDXC UHS-1 Class 10 SDXC card

Digital cameras and camcorders today are always matching towards higher resolution and more detailed images and recordings. To be able to store enough of the video to make recording times last requires ever larger capacity memory cards. Kingston has offered up a new SDXC card at Computex that is speed Class 10.

The new memory card is the Kingston 64GB SDXC UHS-1 Class 10. UHS-1 is the new class of ultra high-speed bus architecture cards for the SDXC format. The card is designed for fast data transfer speeds of 104MB/sec and future cards using the specification will be able to hit 300MB/s.

Kingston promises 10MB/sec minimum data transfer rate and up to 60MB/sec read and 35MB/sec write speeds for the card. This much speed and storage are far from cheap. Kingston will ship the card at the end of the month for $499.