Kingston DataTraveler 2000 has keypad encryption

Kingston has unveiled some new products and among them is a new secure flash drive called the DataTraveler 2000. The DT2000 is an encrypted flash drive that has a metal cover that slides over the drive hiding an integrated alphanumeric keypad. To access any of the data on the drive, you must know the password to the flash drive and enter it on the keypad.

UPDATE: See our full review of this drive now: Kingston DataTraveler 2000 Review.

In addition to the keypad the drive has integrated hardware encryption using dual disk AES 256-bit XTS mode encryption. No software or drivers are needed for the data encryption to take place. The drive locks automatically when removed from a computer and data is deleted after ten invalid login attempts. It's available in up to 64GB capacities and will ship in Q1.

Kingston also has two new version of the MobileLite Wireless mobile charging devices. The MobileLite Wireless G3 gives mobile devices a power bump on the go thanks to an integrated 5400 mAh internal battery. That is enough power to charge some smartphones twice.

It has 2A output for devices needing more amperes to charge. It also has a SD card slot that gives users the ability to back up data from their smartphone to the drive. The storage drive has a USB port for connectivity and is WiFi capable as well. The MobileLife Wireless Pro has the same features with the addition of 64GB of onboard memory and a 6700 mAh internal battery.

SOURCE: Kingston