Kingston DataTraveler 150 thumb drive has 64GB capacity

Not ones to be outdone, Kingston has just seriously upped the capacity of their thumb drives to 64GB. Now, that is a significant amount of data storage, right there. And even though it might seem excessive to some, it really will be useful to those with on-the-go data needs.

The DataTraveler 150 now has a storage capacity of 64GB, adding a boost to all previous portable pocket drives. Now, it might be a bit unnecessary if you tote around an external hard drive, too. But if you rely on a flash drive for your portable back up, then this may very well be the storage solution for you.

It's not going to be cheap to back up your data on this DataTraveler 150, however. Expect to pay $177 for this gadget. The smaller 32GB thumb drive costs $116. They make great stocking stuffers, that's for sure.