Kingston 30GB SSD with TRIM support lands for under $80

CES is a crazy time of year with so many products being announced it's easy to miss some of the cool stuff. Such was the case last week when Kingston pulled the wraps off its new SSDNow V+ 30GB SSD at a bargain of a price after rebates.

The 30GB SSD has TRIM support for Windows 7 and is billed as a boot drive for your OS, not for storing data necessarily. The drive is priced at $79.99 after rebates and is set to launch in February. That low price will make it very easy for enthusiast looking to upgrade to Windows 7 to get a very fast SSD on the cheap.

Kingston claims the drive is good for 180MB/s reads and 50MB/s write speeds. It is a 2.5-inch drive and has no moving parts. The device needs 1.4W of power when reading and 1.7w when writing data. The SSD is rated for 500,000 hours MTBF. This may well be the cheapest SSD on the market today.