Kings Canyon returns to Apex Legends, but not for long

When Apex Legends season 4 launched earlier this month, it brought a revamped World's End map with. That map will be the primary map for the first half of the season, after which point it'll switch back to Kings Canyon – the original (and only) map Apex Legends launched with last year. Those who are anxious for the return to Kings Canyon got some good news today, as the map is returning to the game for a limited time.

We mean it when we say "limited time" too, because it's only going to be around for this weekend before it disappears into the ether again. Repsawn Entertainment shared the news on Twitter today, saying that the map will be playable until February 24th.

This is the season 1 version of Kings Canyon too, so we're definitely going back in time with this release. Kings Canyon will be playable in a separate playlist, so those of you looking to keep playing on World's End will have that option throughout the weekend as well.

Season 4 has been underway for a few weeks, and among other things, the biggest addition it brought with it was a new Legend called Revenant. As always, the launch of a new season signaled the beginning of a new battle pass as well, and Respawn even tweaked the way ranked seasons work by breaking season 4 up into two distinct splits – we're working our way through the first one now, while the second split will begin six weeks into season 4.

During that second split, we'll get a much longer return to Kings Canyon, but so far, there really hasn't been an indication of whether or not Respawn will make any significant changes to the map. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more, but for now, hop into Apex Legends and take a walk through Kings Canyon while you can.