Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for DS coming to US

Apparently the makers of Kingdom Hearts really like to name their games strangely. The Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories game just came out today but it seems another Kingdom Hearts game will be coming to the US as well. And it has a strange name, too.

The game is called Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and will be available for the Nintendo DS. In this new game, you will be able to portray the role of Roxas, a member of Organization XIII. Sure, this sounds completely unrelated to Mickey Mouse, but it does have a tie in.

According to the press release, Roxas as the "other" hero from Kingdom Hearts II and this new game focuses on what happened while Sora was asleep. Roxas travels across the Disney Worlds and you will then uncover the ties between him, Sora and the 14th member and why he left the organization. Sounds interesting. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will also have a multiplayer mode.