King Deco's DS Lite decal is disgustingly girly

That's it, I have lost all hope in mankind. This is proof that the world has gone to complete and utter shit. Not the statistics on murders or iPod thefts, no, the proof lies in an utterly horrifyingly decorated DS.

When I came across this, atrocity, I do believe there was a moment where I let out an audible shriek of horror. Did they have to put fake pearls on it?! I mean really, the pink heart, numerous amounts of rhinestones and a few scattered flowers weren't enough?

I have had to swallow several times to keep my dinner down (a wholesome meal of Twizzlers, chips and Ramen in case you were curious). Okay, not exactly a well balanced meal mind you but I like it in my stomach where it belongs. This instrument of terror is being sold by King Deco.

[via crave]