Kinect connects to Android for reading depth info

Shane McGlaun - Feb 14, 2011, 4:54 am CST
Kinect connects to Android for reading depth info

Kinect hacks are coming with geeks taking the device that Microsoft intended for the Xbox 360 console and hacking it to do things Microsoft never envisioned. As it, turns out the hacking community for the Kinect grew quickly and today the Kinect will do things like allowing doctors to perform surgery, control robots, and lots more.

A geek has now taken the Kinect and hacked it to run on Android. This is the first time we have seen Kinect running on the Android platform and so far the Kinect isn’t really doing much. The device is reading depth information and showing the video its camera picks up on the Android device screen.

The person behind the hack has offered up the video you can check out below, but hasn’t offered up the source code yet for others to give the Kinect on Android a try. This might be a cool way to control Angry Birds or other games once perfected.

Via Android Community
Thanks Robert!

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