Kindle Singles reaches 3.5 million sold

In addition to announcing some new devices today, Amazon is also touting the strength of Kindle eBook sales. Talking about Kindle Singles – essays, short stories, so forth – specifically, Amazon says that 3.5 million have been sold. Even better is the fact that that 35 Kindle Singles have reached the Kindle top 50, which definitely isn't a bad figure for Amazon to be boasting, especially when Kindle Singles offers less conventional reading material than most are used to.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also took some time to talk about the success of Kindle Direct Publishing, which allows authors to self-publish their books on the Kindle Store and receive 70% of the profits. That sounds a lot better than having to deal with publishers who are less willing to take chances these days, and indeed authors seem to have realized that too. The program has been a success, plainly speaking, with 27 of the top 100 Kindle books being published through KDP.

With these new devices, Amazon is obviously interested in expanding Kindle's services for authors and those who are looking for more aside from just novels. We're likely to see both Kindle Singles and Kindle Direct Publishing expand at a faster rate now that Amazon has a brand new line up of Kindles to offer consumers, so we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for that. Keep it right here at SlashGear for more information from Amazon's Kindle event!