Kindle Now Gets WiFi Delivery Of Audible Audiobooks

For those who appreciate listening to literary works as opposed to reading them in their digital form, the newest iteration of Amazon's Kindle allows users to download Audible Audiobooks via Wi-Fi. This opens up the more than 50,000 audiobook titles available from Any version of the Kindle can still download audiobooks from the Audible website and transfer them via USB.

Right now you can get two free audiobook titles with a 30-day free trial of AudioListener Gold Membership. All you'll need to do is check out the Audible Audiobooks Store to check out what titles are available for you to download. If you've never listened to a good audio version of your favorite book, it might make you appreciate some things you've never noticed before and can give you a completely different experience.

Being able to read the Kindle in direct sunlight is an advantage the device boasts over its competitors, something that Amazon has played up in many of its commercials. And now that the Kindle can directly download audiobooks over Wi-Fi, the e-reader becomes an even more complete companion to those who enjoy books, whether it is in visual or audible form.

[via Kindle Post]