Kindle DX not for suitable for the blind says advocacy group

By all accounts, the Amazon Kindle DX has been wildly successful for The eReader has sparked a gob of new competing products and is selling very well around the world. There was a push by some to get the Kindle DX into universities for use instead of textbooks.

The National Federation for the Blind is supporting the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Syracuse University decisions to not use the Kindle DX for electronic textbooks. The reason the Federation supports the decision is that the Kindle DX has menus that are not accessible by the blind.

Both universities say that they will not purchase any more of the Kindle DX devices because of the devices are inaccessible to the blind. I don't get that; normal textbooks are inaccessible to the blind too. Why block students that can see from using something that would be much more convenient than normal textbooks.