Kindle Cloud Reader hits Firefox as HTML5 app

If you are, an avid reader one of the things that is most appealing about the Amazon online bookstore is that you can buy the book and then read it on a multitude of devices. The Kindle Cloud Reading app will let you read on computers, smartphones, and other devices including tablets. Amazon has announced a new supported browser for the Cloud Reader app.

The HTML5 Kindle Cloud Reader app is now supporting Firefox. To start reading, Firefox users just need to go to using the browser on their computer or device. This is the latest app from Amazon to use HTML5. It will synchronize the user's library and track the last page read so you are on the same page no matter the device you use to read.

It will also sync bookmarks, notes, and highlights too. Readers can also use the Kindle Cloud App to buy and browse new books. The Cloud Reader is now available on Safari for iPad, Safari for desktop, Chrome, and Firefox 6.