Killing Eve Season 4 delayed: Popular BBC series hit by pandemic

BBC America's hit TV show Killing Eve has been delayed indefinitely, according to the company, due to issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Production on the upcoming fourth season won't start when it was originally anticipated and the company can't yet say when it will begin — or when fans can expect the next batch of episodes to air. This news follows the early arrival of Killing Eve Season 3.

Details about the change come from Deadline, which reports that the biggest difficulty for filming Season 4 is that it requires travel to multiple European destinations. This is made particularly difficult amid the pandemic, which has resulted in enforced social distancing rules, certain travel restrictions, reduced hours, and more.

We don't yet know where the next season will take Villanelle and Eve, but unless they make their Canadian escape as previously teased, the filming is likely to still take place throughout Europe — and, if past seasons are any indication, the filming will be set in major cities. It's unclear whether the actors have made any personal decisions that have impacted this delay.

The report claims that while star Sandra Oh isn't as reluctant to travel to Europe as other rumors had claimed, it is still difficult to arrange transportation at this time and travel, of course, is not without its risks. Typically speaking, Killing Eve premieres in April on BBC America shortly after production on each new season wraps up.

Ultimately, the production team told Deadline that there hasn't been any set shooting schedules for Killing Eve Season 4 at this time and that there are multiple different potential scenarios currently being considered. It seems very likely that Season 4 won't arrive in April 2021, however, something that hopefully won't impact the show's future.