Killing Eve season 3 will premiere two weeks early on AMC

The third season of hit BBC America drama Killing Eve will premiere two weeks earlier than originally scheduled, the opposite of the trend we've seen from the movie industry. The decision to air the season early isn't surprising — many people are currently at home and consuming far more media than they typically would in a week. You'll still have to wait a couple of weeks before the first episode drops, however.Killing Eve is a spy drama with a twist — it revolves around MI5 security officer Eve and an assassin named Villanelle. The two become locked in a game of mutual intrigue with each other, leading to a dramatic second season cliffhanger. The show held high ratings among both viewers and critics, earning it a continued presence on BBC America and AMC.

Weeks ago, BBC America released a very vague teaser trailer that includes a season 3 premiere date of April 26. In the first proper trailer for the third season, however, we see a new date: April 12. The new date will help fill in the void where The Walking Dead was originally expected, a show that has been delayed over suspended production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

SPOILER ALERT!: Do not watch the trailer below if you haven't finished watching the first two seasons of the show. It contains major, unavoidable spoilers for season 2. Don't read any farther, as well, because the trailer and its inevitable spoilers are discussed below.

Fans learn the outcome of season two's dramatic end from the third season's first trailer: Eve is still alive and Villanelle, the emotionally stunted psychopath who thought they were dating, is not happy to learn about this. The trailer hints at the cat-and-house, emotionally-charged and violent continuation of the love-hate relationship that has drawn in fans around the world.