Killed news story claimed Apple at work on smaller iPad and larger iPhone

A story was published recently by The Korea Times and was then pulled down not long after. Sometimes in the tech realm when you talk about Apple if a story is posted and then pulled down it could be because Apple set the legal ninjas on the site. Not always, but sometimes Apple forcing a story down is a very strong hint that there was some accuracy to the news posted.

The Korean Times story was up long enough for other publications to run with it so we have the details. Apparently, the story reported that Apple is working on a smaller iPad with a 7.35-inch screen and a larger iPhone that will rock a 4-inch screen. Neither of those rumors is earth shattering. I think for sure Apple is working on other forms of its products. The iPhone screen is small by today's standards with many Android devices using 4-inch or larger screens.

The story also claimed that the maker of the panels that Apple was looking to use for the new products was LG. The source of The Korean Times story also claims that the iPhone with the larger 4-inch screen would have the same resolution as the iPhone 4S and 4 we have played with already. The smaller iPad and larger iPhone are rumors that have been making the rounds for a long time, so some salt is needed here.

[via AppleInsider]