Kids Crooked House makes just that, crooked houses for kids

James Allan Brady - Sep 23, 2007

Obviously they aren’t full out houses, but more along the lines of a play house, but its still cool. I remember back in the day when they still showed good cartoons, like Foghorn Leghorn, Roadrunner, Woody the Woodpecker, Porky the Pig, and so many more of the classics, they really were great.

Well now you can bring those days back for you and your kids with a new playhouse for your offspring. There is a company that actually makes those crooked homes you used to always see in the cartoons, I have no idea why they were always poorly proportioned and crooked, but they were.

Anyways, these houses follow the same disregard for building codes and they actually look pretty cool. They have a few pretty good looking standard themes with some accessories that you can have added on for extra, the Value Playhouses start at $1449 and go up as you add stuff to them or have them customized. There is another option of having one custom made for you, and those prices I can only assume would be considerably higher, but who knows what you could come up with that would be worth it.

Cartoon Style Kids Crooked Houses [via UrbanRetroLifestyle]

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